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Development Benefits

The power source is Eskom and solar. The apartments are solar powered, which means they are not affected by load shedding or power outages. They have a backup battery system that ensures uninterrupted power supply.
Solar power is a renewable and sustainable energy source that has numerous benefits. It is environmentally friendly, reduces electricity bills, and is not affected by power outages or load shedding.
Yes, the apartments are still connected to the grid, but they primarily rely on solar power for their energy needs.
No. Bond and attorney transfer fees will still be payable. The fees will depend on the unit type. 
No, transfer duty is not payable on the purchase of these apartments.
Transfer duty is not payable on the purchase of these apartments because they are newly built properties and the developer has already paid the necessary taxes and fees on the land and construction.
Yes, the absence of transfer duty can make these apartments more affordable for buyers as they do not have to pay this additional tax.
Buying directly from the developer means that you are purchasing the property directly from the company or individual who is responsible for constructing and developing the property.
Buying directly from the developer can have several benefits, including lower costs, greater flexibility, and access to new and modern designs and features.
Up to 100% bond financing is available for these apartments.

Sign the OTP and give us permission to pre approve you and do the necessary credit checks. If cash buy, proof of funds are required.

Yes, gas geyser and gas stove/oven.

Yes, each apartment comes with a pre-paid electricity meter.